7 November 2017 - 8 November 2017 at Eko Hotels & Suite, Lagos, Nigeria
2017 Nigeria Assembly

350+ Senior executives from the E&P, energy, finance, investment and infrastructure sectors meet to explore the opportunities in and around the region.

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Day One
Day Two

Nigeria Assembly 
November 7 - 8th 2017 

DAY 1: November 7th 

7.30am-9.00am: Registration Opens & Networking Coffee & Breakfast 

9.00am-10.30am: Opening Keynote Address

10.30am-11.15am: Networking Coffee Break 

11.15am-12.15am: A Review: What is the Current Climate for Investment, Exploration & Production in Nigeria?

  • What are the strategies for IOC's and Mid-Caps in Nigeria for the next 12-18 months?
  • How are independents commercialising their small scale production and ensuring its profitability in the new normal low oil price? 
  • How have OFS renegotiated their position in the low oil price environment?
  • Will the examples of OFS becoming JV partners continue to increase and develop into a new key role for OFS?
  • In what ways can regional and international collaboration between governments and NOC's improve the investment prospect of the NIgerian Oil and Gas industry?
  • What impression do international investors and financiers have of NIgeria as a place to invest and do business?

    Saidu Mohammed,
    COO Gas & Power, NNPC representing Dr. Maikanti Baru, GMD, NNPC
    Ademola Adeyemi-Bero
    , Managing Director, First E&P
    Chief Sena Anthony,
    Managing Partner, Sena Anthony & Associates
    Lekan Akinyanmi,
    CEO, Lekoil 
    Frank Edozie,
    CEO, Neconde Energy 
    Moderator: Chiagozie Hilary-Nwokonko,
    Partner, Streamsowers & Kohn 

12.15am-13:00pm: A View from the Outside: What is the Appetite for International Investment into the Nigerian Oil & Gas Sector? 

  • How do International investors and banks view the current status of the Nigerian oil and gas industry as a prospect for investment?
  • Has the low oil price caused investors to divest funding away from oil and gas projects? If so what alternative areas are investors considering?
  • The development of traders as the new financiers: Why have we seen traders increasingly entering the market as equity participants and assett owners?
  • In what ways are the IOC's helping make the sector in NIgeria a better investment prospect?
  • How have some indigenous oil and gas companies remained successfull incestment prospects?
  • How can international investors help in building local capacity in NIgeria to attract funding for new oil and gas projects and to upgrade infrastructure in-country?

    Richard Turner
    , CFO, Jagal Group 
    Oliver Andrews, CIO, AFC
    Eme Essien, Country Manager, IFC 
    Adebayo Kazeem,
    Principal, The Carlyle Group 
    Ndako Mijindadi,
    Investment Analyst, Lotus Capital
    Moderator: Ifunanya Nwokedi,
    Analyst, U.S. Government Acountability Office 

13:00pm-14:15pm: Networking Lunch Break 

14:15pm-15:00pm: A Briefing from the Legislators: What are the Aims & Desired Impact of the PIGB, National Gas Policy and the Petroleum Policy?

  • What is the timeline for passing the entirety of PIGB?
  • As part of passing PIGB, will there be a renegotiation of fiscal terms for oil and gas companies?
  • To what extent will the PIGB address issues for the gas market including supply and pricing?
  • Will the PIGB increase the productivity of assets by encouraging them to be sold or used?
  • What lessons have to be learnt and implimented in the PIGB from other examples of governance internationally?
  • In what ways will the PIGB increase transpacency in the industry?
  • How will legislators ensure that the aims of the PIGB are fulfilled in the long-term?Will the PIGB ensure tenure protection for top oil and gas executives and shield the industry from undue political interferences?

    H.E. Senator Bassey Akpan
    , Chairman Senate Committee on Gas, Senate of Nigeria 
    H.E. Agbedi Yeitiemone Frederick, Chairman, Committee on Gas Resources, House of Represenatives Nigeria 
    H.E. Gershom Henry Bassey, Vice Chairman Senate Committee on Upstream Petroleum, Senate of Nigeria 
    Pat Maseli, Head of Upstream, Department of Petroleum Resources 
    Moderator: Adeyemi Akisanya, Principal, Adeyemi Akisanya Associates 

15.00pm-15.45pm: PIGB, National Gas Policy and Petroleum Policy: Reactions from Industry 

  • Does the PIGB, National Gas Policy and the Petroleum Policy give investors an increased confidence to invest in the NIgerian oil and gas sector?
  • How do IOC's view the PIGB, National Gas Policy and the Petroleum Policy and its potential impact?
  • Do indigenous independents beleive the PIGB, National Gas Policy and the Petroleum Policy will strenghten their prospect for investment?
  • What impact do OFS beleive the PIGB, National Gas Policy and the Petroleum Policy will have on their role in the NIgerian oil and gas industry?
  • Is the PIGB, National Gas Policy and the Petroleum Policy stringent enough to have a meaningful impact on the market?

    Vincent Gueneau
    , Chairman, Kappafrik 
    Dada Thomas, CEO, Frontier Oil and Gas 
    Gbenga Olawepo Hashim, Chairman, Transitional Energy Limited 
    Chief Sena Anthony, Managing Partner, Sena Anthony & Associates 
    Moderator: Adeyemi Akisanya, Partner, Adeyemi Akisanya Associates 

15.45pm-16:15pm: Networking Coffee Break 

16.15pm-17.00pm: Bridging the Gap: How do Oil & Gas companies and local banks secure international investment?

  • How can local banks bridge the compliance gap between themselves and international financiers?
  • What corporate governance do NIgerian OIl and Gas companies need impliment to secure international investment?
  • What policies is the Nigerian Central Bank implimenting to help converge the FX rates?
  • How can the government bolster local banks credibility and help reduce interest rates?
  • How can oil and gas companies utilise capital markets to secure international funding?
  • What role have traders played in increasing the liquidity for projects?
  • How can local and international banks collaborate to establish a financial institution for oil and gas infrastructure development in NIgeria?

    Paul van Zijl
    , Executive Director Natural Resources, J.P. Morgan 
    Uche Olowu,
    Head of Corporate Banking Energy Upstream/Oil Services, Union Bank of Nigeria 
    Moderator: Wofai Samuel,
    Journalist and Broadcaster, Murhi International 

17.00pm-18.30pm:  Close of Day 1 & Networking Drinks Reception

Nigeria Assembly 
November 7 - 8th 2017 

DAY 2: November 8th 

08.00am-09:00 Registration Opens & Networking Coffee & Breakfast

09:00am-10:00am: The New Price Normal: Collaboration to Ensure Efficiency & Profitability 

  • What are the key strategies for making production of Nigerian crude profitable in the $50 barrel environment?
  • What is the impact of OFS becoming JV partners and asset owners on the rest of the value chain? Is this a long term strategy and permanent additional role for OFS?
  • How are junior producers maintaining profitability of their smaller scale production?
  • What knowledge can the IOC's and mid-caps share about commercialising production on the smaller scale?
  • Key case studies and examples of collaboration creating better efficiency thus profitibility

    Paul McGarth
    , Managing Director, ExxonMobil Nigeria
    Emeka Ene, CEO, Oildata
    Prof. Anthony Adegbulugbe, Chairman, Green Energy International Limited
    Moderator: Chiagozie Hilary-Nwokonko, Partner, Streamsowers & Kohn

10:00am-10:30am: Networking Coffee Break 

10:30am-11:30am: Monetising Gas: Overcoming Current Challenges and Planning for the Future

  • What are the major hurdles facing the gas to power market? If the solutions are known, why havent they been implimented?
  • Does the insecurity of payment at the point of supply reduce the investor interest earlier in the value chain?
  • How can the industry realign the gas sector and the power sector to ensure better supply, trading and pricing?
  • Current challenges: What lessons can be learnt from successful gas to power markets in other countries?
  • Current challenges: How to improve the gas to power project success record through better project management, project funding and building human resources capacity. 
  • Future challenges: Access the development of LNG and LPG. Can these industries create a stable supply of gas for the growing manufacturing and industrial industry

    Dr David Ige
    , CEO, Gas Invest Limited
    Olabode Sowunmi, Consultant to the Senate Committee on Gas, Senate of Nigeria 
    Ezekiel Adesina, Executive Sectretary, Africa Energy Study Group 
    Yetunde Taiwo, General Manager Gas, Seplat
    Valerio Coppini, Commercial and Business Development Director of Met Gas Processing Technologies, Maire Tecnimont
    Moderator: Adeyemi Akisanya, Partner, Adeymi Akisanya Associates

11:30pm-12:30pm: Finding the Funding: What alternative are Junior Producers, Independents and Indigenous Oil and Gas Companies using to raise funding?

  • Alternative financing: how can junior producers utilise capital markets to raise funding?
  • How can junior producers unlock the funding and capital that traders can provide?
  • Overcoming the challenge of a lack of dinancial history and key strategies for improving the balance sheet of junior producers 
  • How can junior producers collaborate with other stakeholders to give investors the confidence to invest?
  • Key success stories and case studies of junior producers securing international financing through non-traditional methods 

    Tor Langoy
    , Managing Partner, BD Globe Capital 
    Sastry Karra, CEO, Hardy Oil and Gas
    Gbolhan Fasade, Head of Investment Banking, Citi Bank
    Sonnie Ayere,
    Chairman and Founder, Dunn Loren Merrifield 
    Moderator: Ifunanya Nwokedi, Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office 

12:30pm-13:30pm: Networking Lunch Break 

13:30pm-14:30pm: Modular refineries: What Prospect Do They Post for Investors & What is the Implication for the Upstream Sector?

  • What is the value proposition of a modular refinery to investors? How can it be exploited to its fullest potential?
  • To what extent do modular refineries boost the value proposition of the local based upstream?
  • How to secure funding for early stage development for modular refineries 
  • Who should mid-wife the emergence of modular refineries in Nigeria?
    What are the modular refineries efficacy in comparison to mega-refineries in resolving national energy challenges?
  • How can developers of modular refineries build successful working relationship with E&P's to secure feedstock?

    Keynote Presentation: Dr. Layi Fatona
    , Managing Director, Nigeria Delta Petroleum Resources 
    Dr Layi Fatona, Managing Director, Niger Delta Petroleum Resources 
    Josh Egba, Business Development for West Africa, USTDA

      Close of Day 2 & Close of the Assembly 

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