12 September 2018 - 13 September 2018 at China World Summit Hotel, Beijing, China / 国贸大酒店,北京
2018 China Energy Assembly: Enabling China's Energy Transition

Join us in 2018 as 500 business leaders from energy (upstream, LNG/midstream, downstream, infrastructure, renewables, services), finance and investment gather to discuss the future of China

Chatham House Rule

This Assembly in its entirety (all conference sessions, all networking receptions and any associated dinners) is held under the Chatham House Rule, defined as follows:

"When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."

Presence of Media

No media are invited to the Assembly and will be present during the Assembly. This policy has been taken to ensure that the dialogue during the event is as open and insightful as possible without any speaker or attendee being misrepresented during his or her remarks on or off stage. Should any attendee wish to speak with the press during their visit to the Assembly please make arrangements to do so ‘off-site’ of the Assembly.

For any media enquiries please contact gina.sole@oilcouncil.com

Oil & Gas Council Events – Guidelines on Competition Law

To preserve the informal nature of our events and in particular our Assemblies while exchanging opinions and experiences and to ensure that deliberations do not interfere with the competitive relations of companies, the guidelines below on competition and antitrust laws have been developed.  These guidelines apply to Oil & Gas Council events and Oil & Gas Council participants are obliged to ensure strict compliance.


  • Discuss macroeconomic issues and how they impact the global economy
  • Discuss common problems and challenges of a general, administrative or logistical nature, as long as the purpose of the discussion is not to encourage uniform action or the elimination or restriction of competition, for example in relation to prices, capacity, inputs or outputs
  • Share your opinion and experience, as long as this does not result in confidential or sensitive business information being shared
  • Insist that any Assembly has a list of topics known to you in advance; and object if you see anything on the agenda that risks violating any of the prohibitions set out across the page
  • Notify the Oil & Gas Council to record your objection or departure in the minutes 
  • Be careful that any presentation or handouts are clearly drafted and do not leave room for misinterpretation 
  • Seek independent legal advice if you are at any time unsure of how to apply these rules


Discuss, recommend or agree on the following matters with participants:

  • Actual purchasing or selling prices, price ranges, price trends, price changes and their implementation, methods of calculation, surcharges, discounts, rebates or margins
  • Costs, including input costs, staff costs or trend data
  • Terms and conditions of purchase or sale or choice or categories of suppliers or offtakers
  • Current or future levels of production volumes or quotas, or specific design or technological developments or changes that could have a competitive impact
  • Division or allocation of geographies or customer or supplier groups, purchase or sale volumes or market shares
  • Limitations on business methods or practices, including limitations on ethical or "fair" business practices
  • Any limitation on purchase of new technologies or new equipment, or the development of new technologies or new products
  • Refusing to deal with customers or suppliers or agreeing to deal on specified terms or policies

The same considerations apply to any conversations with competitors outside Assemblies.  These guidelines should be followed as much as possible in all circumstances.

We would like to thank our industry partner Clifford Chance who helped draw up these guidelines.

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