10 April 2018 - 11 April 2018 at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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2018 Agenda - Day 1
2018 Agenda - Day 2

Assembly Day 1: Tuesday, 10 April 2018

North Africa Investment Outlook, Energy Economics and Opportunities in the Region 

Welcome Address - Amy Miller, Group General Manager, Energy Council 

Welcome Address – Alex Bell, Africa Portfolio Manager, Energy Council


Ministerial Welcome

Keynote address

Geopolitics and Economic Reforms: Successfully Emerging from the Downturn

  • With oil prices stable for much of 2017 and an apparent recovery underway, how will the revival of the global oil and gas industry manifest itself across the region?
  • Gradually emerging from a period of sustained economic difficulty, the regions major oil producers must consider how best to attract further investment and drive growth 
  • How will non traditional producers in the region capatlise on lessons learned over the last few years to emerge as future leaders of the regions energy sector?
  • What risks do investors face, how can these be mitigated and how to the regions governments ensure a stable and attractive investment environment?

Networking Morning Coffee Break


The Future of Energy Investment & Financing in North Africa: An International Perspective

  • Will investment in North Africa from Asia dwarf investment from the West?
  • Which projects came online in 2017 and what insight does this give to future investments? Is the power sector expected to account for largest share of investments in the next 5 years?
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are on the rise in the region. How will this affect FDI in to North Africa? 
  • Who will be the leading providor of investment into the North African energy industry - PE/institutional investors etc.? 
  • What impact does North African credit worthiness have on foreign investments and how can this be overcome?
  • What will increase the attractiveness of North Africa's oil and gas industry to western investors?
  • How realistic is the solution to the growing domestic energy demand is investment in unconventionals, freeing up hydrocarbon resources for export, is this an attractive investment opportunity?
  • With growing interest in the East Med region, will this impact availability of investment to North Africa?

Networking Lunch 

Keynote address  

Middle Eastern Investment Insight: Opportunities in North Africa in 2018 and Beyond 

  • With the Gulf Countries undergoing a diversification effort, is North Africa an attractive investment option and who will be providing any forthcoming investment PE/institutional investors etc.?
  • How will this investment be spread across the energy sector - oil and gas vs. renewables vs...?
  • How significant is the role of the Islamic Finance and Sharia - compliant funds for North African oil and gas investments?
  • What would help increase the attractiveness of the region to major ME-based investors?
  • With Middle Eastern NOC's play an increasing role in the development of the North Africa's energy resources?


Networking Afternoon Coffee Break

North Africa Energy mix: The Growth of Gas and the Opportunities it Affords in the Region

  • Will gas be the only fossil fuel to grow it’s share in the global energy mix in the next 20 years?
  • The MENA Region has seen a significant growth in LNG. How will this impact future investment?
  • Unconventional gas production, how realistic is this as a growth industry?
  • How can Egypt and North Africa more broadly become a significant LNG exporter and a gas infrastructure hub?
  • Will gas discoveris be utilised domestically to ensure energy stability regionally, will gas successfully partner renewables?
  • Examining the gas evacuation oprions in the East Med, which will benefit the North Africa region most?
  • What opportunities will development here create for North Africa, beyond the potential growth of LNG exports for Egypt?

End of Day 1 

Assembly Day 2: Wednesday, 11 April 2018  


Welcome Address


Zohr Field Development - New Approaches to Old Challenges: Insights into Successfully Bringing On Line a Major Field in Today's Operating Climate in a Condensed Time Frame

Case Study Presentations: Strategies for Success from Leading Regional Independents 

Investment Opportunities Across North Africa: Presentations from Regional Ministries & NOC's 


Networking Morning Coffee Break


North African E&P in 2018 and Beyond: Opportunities for Upstream Growth 

  • How are E&P players across the region approaching the future of upstream oil and gas development in North Africa?
  • What are the financing options for the oil and gas industry's smaller players and what are the business models and strategies driving success in the current operating environment?
  • How are the region's majors viewing the future, what challenges and opportunities for further growth lie ahead? 
  • How will collaboration and partnerships shape the short and mid term development of the industry, how much are these an ingredient for success in today's operating environment?
  • What will be the defining factor for success in the coming 5 years in upstream E&P for the region's small and mid cap players - technology adoption/government realations/strategic partnerships etc.?


Networking Lunch   


Country Roundtables: Egypt/Libya/Algeria/Tunisia/Morocco/Sudan

Join self-selected attendees, including government executives and NOC's, for in depth, closed door discussions pressing issues facing each North African country. Building on the discussions that have taken place over the two days, this is an opportunity to gain further insights on each country's energy industry developments and future plans, from the scope to further E&P projects, updates on hydrocarbon legislatition and bidding rounds, to renewables and investment opportunities. 


Afternoon coffee break will be served during the Country Roundtables


Energy Transition Across North Africa: The Growth of Renewables 

  • Examining the energy mix of the North African Countries in the coming 15 years, what is the future of gas and renewables?
  • How are governments positioning themselves at the forefront of energy transition and looking to diversify their energy mix?
  • Investor's perspective on energy transition in the region; what are the opportunities for investment in renewables and how attractive are they?
  • What lessons can be learned from completed projects?


End of Day two 

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