Meet the members

Li Shufeng, Director of Strategic Development Center, Deputy Director of Planning Department, CNODC (CNPC Intl)

August 2017

How did you enter the oil and gas industry?
I specialized in petroleum geology and petroleum engineering for both my undergraduate and graduate studies. I was employed at an oil company after graduation, and that began my career in the oil and gas industry.

In addition to the low commodity prices, what do you think is the biggest challenge facing our industry's future growth?
How to compete with coal and renewable energy through technological advances and cost reductions to be the main energy source for the next three decades.

Where do you think is the biggest opportunity for today's global oil and gas market, and how would you position yourself to seize this opportunity?
Broadly there are more than 150 underdeveloped countries and 1.2 billion poor people in the world, they cannot be ignored in the progress of human civilization. This is currently the greatest opportunity for oil and gas, which is currently relatively cheap and environmentally acceptable; with regards to deep sea and natural gas, regardless scale of resources or pertaining to global warming, this should be the biggest opportunity for the global oil and gas market. The major IOC and NOC should attach great importance to deep sea and natural gas, and strategic development should focus on these two directions.

If you can influence the development of our industry, what changes do you want to make? Why?
Expand and strengthen the right to speak and influence of organizations like OPEC, speed up technological progress to reduce costs, the stabilize oil prices in a reasonable range, to curb the rapid development of renewable energy, and compete with coal for the main energy market share.

What are your strategic priorities for your company over the next 12 months?
“One Belt, One Road”, the Middle East, and Brazil are the focus for my company.

What do you think differentiates your company from other similar companies?
We are directly rooted in the world's largest energy consumer market, we have an advantage relying on our parent company’s comprehensive integration, and we have international management capabilities.

What is the purpose of your participation in this summit and what views do you expect from other participants about your company and your current and future work in China?
To understand development trends of the industry, and grasp the industry trends.

What achievement in your career are you most pleased with so far?
I successfully participated in the integration of the management of an independent oil company after acquisition, as well as the long-term development strategic planning and implementation.

Which businessman do you admire? Why?
RenZhengfei. He is sympathetic, visionary, and reliable.

What is the most sensible advice you have received from your mentor?
Make the best possible use of manpower and materials, to find a career that you like according to your characteristics, even if it is not your specialization.

What is your advice for graduates who are about to enter the oil and gas industry?
Do not be over ambitious, sometimes you can learn a lot from doing small things.

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